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Avellone commercial VO reel - Jesica Avellone
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Avellone character VO reel - Jesica Avellone
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Latest News

  • I'm currently LIVE on stage at Cafe Nordo in Curiouser and Curiouser: Down the Rabbit Hole, as the March Hare! It's Alice in Wonderland set in a karaoke bar, and tickets are selling like hot cakes. Come join the fun before we close Dec 19th!

  • Many thanks to Jeff Berryman for my new headshots! He was a fantastic collaborator.

  • You can see me as the Fear of Failure in Cafe Nordo's immersive, online Witching Hour. If you love riddles, puzzles, and a little wink with your spooky, this one is for you!


Drama in the Hood on Twelfth Night

Avellone turns in a stand-out performance as the saucy wench that devises tortures for the effete Malvolio (George Mount) and wins Toby's love in recompense.

The Seattle Times on Every Five Minutes

...Jesica Avellone as Mo's loving wife Sara oscillates between tender concern and censoriousness about Mo's erratic behavior.

Seattle Weekly on Pride and Prejudice

Jesica Avellone and Kate Sumpter become the Charlotte Lucas and Miss Bingley to beat, casting themselves in my brain movie each time I pick up the novel from now on.

Drama in the Hood on Macbeth

As the guilty couple, Daniel Wood as Macbeth and Jesica Avellone as Lady Macbeth were two powerful actors, whose scenes together were full of passion, moral struggle and sexual politics. Both handled their monologues with intensity and nuance.

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